"For those who treasure one of Britain's most loved stars of the 20th century and those who wish to see how worldwide comedy progressed from Chaplin to Bean, this affectionate and affecting show is perfect. Jack Lane does Norman Wisdom proud."

Broadway World UK * * * *


"Thanks to Jack, I feel sure that the memory of one of Britain’s finest comic institutions will live on forever so that “Norman Pitkin’s” desperate cry, “Mr Grimsdale” will continue to raise a knowing laugh whenever and wherever it is heard. A first-rate performance that pays perfect homage to the one and only Norman."

London Theatre 1 * * * * *


"The amount of sheer energy and passion that Jack puts into Wisdom of a Fool means that there is never a dull moment in the whole evening, he slips between characters with ease and portrays this great comedian who brought joy to so many with sensitivity and affection.”

British Theatre Guide * * * * *


"Jack Lane doesn't only give us a wonderfully memorable impersonation of the lovable, singing clown. During the story, Mr Lane convincingly plays a huge range of other characters - Norman's Dad, theatrical agents, employers and many others - all of whom played a part in Mr Wisdom's life and trajectory to stardom."

Act Drop * * * * *


"Jack Lane as Norman Wisdom received a richly deserved standing ovation last night –

I believe through Wisdom of a Fool, Norman Wisdom will become familiar to a whole new generation.”  

Theatre South East * * * * *


"An incredible performance from this super talented man who you really believe IS Wisdom.

He received a richly deserved full house standing ovation. Lane is simply stunning!"

Leicester Mercury * * * * *


"We were treated to something inspirational, jaw-dropping and an intense piece of theatre which has something for all generations, whether they are familiar with Wisdom or not."

Guildford Dragon * * * * *


"The standing ovation at the end was as much a tribute to Norman Wisdom as it was to the multi-talented Jack Lane"

Surrey Advertiser


"For two hours I laughed, fought back the overwhelming urge to cry, then laughed some more. Lane's performance - which saw him bring to life not only Wisdom himself but several dozen characters - kept the audience rapt and the standing ovation at curtain-fall couldn't have been more deserved."

Mid Hampshire Observer


"Lane's uncannily accurate portrayal of the treasured star earned him a standing ovation from the near capacity crowd who were treated to a tour-de-force."

The Northern Echo




"Dad was once called 'This little genius called Wisdom' and this truly lives on in Jack Lane.

His performance was compelling and the characters he played dovetailed together so cleverly.

Wearing Dad's gump suit, which no one else has ever done, brought Dad back to life. It was incredibly emotional for me and I know that Dad would be very flattered and proud that Jack's performances rightfully earned him standing ovations every night. Thank you Jack, for keeping my father's memory alive."

Jacqueline Wisdom



“If the harder you work the luckier you become then Jack Lane deserves all the luck in the world for his moving portrayal of the life of my father, Norman Wisdom. His attention to detail would have surely impressed him and it was a delight to see Jack perform in one of his original suits, that for me was a poignant part of the show.”

Nicholas Wisdom



"Just spent a fabulous evening in The Little Theatre Leicester watching Jack Lane be a brilliant Norman Wisdom. Spontaneous standing ovation. Bravo."  

Brenda Blethyn  



"Lane is simply unbelievable as Wisdom: he can do it all, the voice, the physicality and above all,

the character.”

David Benson - (Think No Evil of Us: My life with Kenneth Williams)



"Jack Lane is mesmerising as Norman. If you can see this play then DO. A hero brought back to life. His boundless energy and charm brings joy on joy on joy."  

Bob Golding - (Morecambe)



"Jack Lane has written and performs this master class in which he does more than just get the voice and mannerisms of Norman Wisdom absolutely right, he gets the very essence of the man, whom I was privileged to know as a friend later in his life.” 

Morris Bright - Chairman of Elstree Studios